Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is the Application Fee?  Our application fee is $25 and is non-refundable.

What are your rental qualifications?   Our primary qualifications are clean rental history and sufficient income to pay the rent.  If you have had an eviction filed against you (called a forcible entry and detainer in Oklahoma), we cannot rent to you.  We also cannot rent to you if we receive negative feedback from a current or previous landlord.  We are seeking income of at least 3x the monthly rent amount.  We also review credit and criminal history. Most of our properties do not require a minimum credit score, but we will decline applicants who have recent unpaid debts.  We review criminal history on a case-by-case basis.  

Are pets allowed?   Our pet policy varies by property.  Most of our properties allow at least a small pet.  A non-refundable pet fee applies to all pets, and varies by property.  Please review the relevant listing at www.zillow.com.

What is your policy regarding service animals?  Service animals that assist a tenant with a disability are not considered pets and are permitted at any of our properties without a pet fee.  Tenants must provide documentation showing the service animal’s qualification.

Which Repairs Are the Tenant’s Responsibility?  The tenant is responsible for all damages caused by the tenant, with the exception of typical wear and tear. The tenant is also responsible for repairs to the HVAC system that result from the tenant’s failure to change out the air filters every 90 days, as determined by the HVAC repair person.  Plumbing repairs are the tenant’s responsibility if caused by the tenant, such as a clogged drain.  If a property comes with a refrigerator, countertop microwave, or washer and/or dryer, those appliances are not warrantied by the owner.  The tenant can choose to repair or replace those appliances if they fail.  Tenants are responsible for lawn care and flower bed maintenance, unless otherwise noted in the property listing or lease.

The owner is responsible for all other reasonably necessary repairs to the property, including the systems (HVAC, roof, foundation, plumbing), exterior of the property, tree trimming, fence repair, and built-in appliances.

What Happens to My Security Deposit?    We hold your security deposit in a trust account for the duration of your lease.  At the end of your lease, the security deposit is refundable, subject to deductions for any unpaid rent or fees, and any reasonable charges for repairs and/cleaning.  If you are moving out and believe you are entitled to a return of security deposit funds, please send an email to jon@twodoorsrealty.com and provide your new address.